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Healing Hand Foundation is a charitable organization that provides assistance to help meet some of the unfunded medical and health care related needs of SEARHC beneficiaries and veterans.


Healing Hand Foundation is widely known as an invaluable partner in creating healthy Southeast Alaskan communities through its commitment to individual well-being of body, mind and spirit.

Strategic Plan

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Eligibility for assistance

A healing hand, not a handout.  Wheel chairs, walkers, eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures and certain pharmaceuticals are examples of the types of items Healing Hand grants help purchase.

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Your donation allows us to connect Alaska Native people of Southeast with the medical assistance or equipment they may need during a time of hardship.

‘We signed up to be foster parents and were expecting to have two  additional kids in our home by March but received a phone call on December 30, requesting us to pick up our foster kids the following week from Wasilla. We have four kids of our own, so adding two more was going to be a challenge financially right after the holidays. Our oldest son then reported that he could no longer see the white board from his seat at school. Healing Hands foundation made it possible for us to get our son his glasses while we were able to focus on settling the kids into a new living situation. Gunalcheesh Healing Hands! We greatly appreciate your help in our time of need!’

— Ann Stepetin

“It’s a good program and I appreciated the financial assistance. I needed a replacement pair of eyeglasses, for reading. I like to read the newspaper and I appreciated the help.”

— Herman D., Sr., 82 years old, resident of Sitka, received eyeglasses in 2015.

““I am very grateful to the Healing Hand Foundation. I need to see my carving- I carve totem poles, hooks, and other items. I am grateful because now I can see better and this isn’t the first time Healing Hand has helped me. I went without teeth for 20 years and they helped me get dentures about three years ago.”

— Sylvester P., Sr., 66 years old, resident of Hydaburg, received eyeglasses in 2015.