Our Mission

Healing Hand Foundation is a charitable organization that provides assistance to help meet some of the unfunded medical and healthcare related needs of Alaska Natives and veterans.  

Am I eligible?

  • You must be a SEARHC beneficiary or veteran 
  • You must have an unmet need (see our "funding guidelines")
  • Your unmet need is not covered by private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Denali KidCare, VA, etc.

What types of medical goods and services are covered?

  • Durable Medical Goods: medical supplies and equipment- for example, wheelchairs, dentures, eyeglasses, walkers, and colostomy supplies, and orthodontics.  
  • Pharmaceuticals: Medications not available at SEARHC pharmacies, such as certain specialized cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure medications.
  • Travel: travel related to medical treatment (that falls outside SEARHC travel policy) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Bus and taxi vouchers are available to patients to travel to and from medical appointments. 
“Healing Hand helped me pay for my hearing aid repair when they needed fixing. Now I can continue with my business—
I am an Alaskan Native artist. I am a carver at Haa Shagoon in Juneau.”
— John E., artist & business owner, needed his hearing aids repaired-- 2015.