Donations have made a real and lasting impact to many lives in the Southeast Alaska region. With your support, we can continue to help our fellow Alaskans with medical assistance

On behalf of our recipients, we appreciate your close consideration of our request for a contribution to support the Healing Hand Foundation.

Your support is critical to fill our mission of Bridging the Financial Gap in Native Health Care. Your generous gift will help families receive the care they need.

Please consider a Payroll Deduction to make your gift an easy part of each month's expenses.


Your donation allows us to connect Alaska Native people of Southeast with the medical assistance or equipment they may need during a time of hardship .

Eligibility for assistance

A healing hand, not a handout.  Wheel chairs, walkers, eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures and certain pharmaceuticals are examples of the types of items Healing Hand grants help purchase.

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