Healing Hand Foundation offers a "healing hand," not a hand out. Beneficiaries pay for a portion and Healing Hand pays a portion. When a gap between a beneficiary's benefits and ability to pay exists, assistance with items such as dentures, hearing aids and glasses, are available. Other items may also be covered.

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Give from your heart.

When your friends and family in Southeast need health-related necessities, your financial support means they can receive the help they need.



Healing Hand Foundation is a charitable organization that provides assistance to help meet some of the unfunded medical and health care related needs of SEARHC beneficiaries and veterans.


Healing Hand Foundation is widely known as an invaluable partner in creating healthy Southeast Alaskan communities through its commitment to individual well-being of body, mind and spirit.



“It’s a good program and I appreciated the financial assistance. I needed a replacement pair of eyeglasses, for reading. I like to read the newspaper and I appreciated the help.”
— Herman D., Sr., 82 years old, resident of Sitka, received eyeglasses in 2015.

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“I am very grateful to the Healing Hand Foundation. I need to see my carving- I carve totem poles, hooks, and other items. I am grateful because now I can see better and this isn’t the first time Healing Hand has helped me. I went without teeth for 20 years and they helped me get dentures about three years ago.”
— Sylvester P., Sr., 66 years old, resident of Hydaburg, received eyeglasses in 2015.